During the early nineteen sixties, a time in which the magic shop was quite popular and where a magic shop could be found in almost every neighborhood in America, Spencer Farmans began riding his bicycle to Chicagoland's Riley's Trick Shop. There he watched the owner and proprietor of the shop (Jim Riley and Jim Wallace respectively) and other magicians perform both in front and behind the long, glass counter. In the late afternoon, usually on Saturday, Spencer figured out most of the trick's solutions and, not having much money as a child, built the tricks himself out of whatever material he could find at home.

That was the beginning, and over the next two or three decades Spencer Farmans began working as an acclaimed, professional magician throughout the country. He apprenticed and became a close, personal friend of renowned master magician, Jack Gwynne, (ranked third in the world) who announced, after viewing a television performance of Spencer's that "Spencer's performance of The Vanishing Birdcage is the best and smoothest I've seen in fifty years of magic."

Through the years that followed, Spencer Farmans has performed his show in Hawaii, Italy, Greece, Argentina, and many other places in the world.